Beautiful Yellow Diamond Necklace by Tiffany and Co.

There is no doubt about that Tiffany and Co. has always been number one in jewelry and it was quoted here that Tiffany and Co. has defended its top position this year too. According to Independent Woman, the necklace with yellow diamond by Tiffany and Co. of worth 2.5 million pounds have become center of attention of every woman. This necklace is now placed in an Irish Departmental Store. Image

One of the fashion directors of a departmental store, Shelly Corkery said that it is a valuable Christmas gift to a woman. Kate Winslet was the reason behind the design of this beautiful necklace and this necklace was exposed first time in public in Europe at 2010 awards. Tiffany and Co. are also the best in their Tiffany glasses, Check out Tiffany sunglasses online here at ISeeGlasses.

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